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  From the Desk of   Founder & Mentor
For the - Last 20 years I, Mr. ATIN BANERJEE worked with obesity and I watched people and studied their problem and limitations ,The reason for which they couldn’t implement the knowledge of weight management in their lifestyle. The idea behind setting up an institute of it’s kind is to serve mankind under any odds to develop oneself economically independent ,self sufficient and to lead a healthy life----AS OBESITY IS THE ROOT CAUSE FOR MOST AILMENTS .                     
      Atin's  Courses & Treatments
ATIN’S Care :  Obesity Care,    Diabetic Care,      Infertility Care,     Pre – Post Natal Care,      Physio – Care,      Preventive Health Care,       Child Care,      Old Age Care,      Individual Care

Our Courses :-
01) Bachelor in Obesity Management.
02) Diploma in Advance Obesity Management       with Critical Medical Condition.
03) Diploma in Complete Weight Loss and       Shaping Management.
04) Diploma in Weight Loss Management.
05) Diploma in Slimming Theraphy.
06) Diploma in SPA Theraphy.
07) Diploma in Massage Theraphy.

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1) Diplomain Obesity Management.
2) Certificate in Diabetes Education
3) Certificate in Sliming Theraphy.(Women)

Our Treatments :-
01) Permanent Weight Loss.
02) Guranteed Weight Loss.
03) Spot Reduction.
04) Tightening Toning.
05) Firming Triming.
06) Body Scalupting.
07) Specialist in Weight Loss on Critical Medical       Condition.
08) Physiotherapy.

Call Us :- 9831316829,   8697158293.

Welcome to Atin's
               We At  ATIN’S Believe Each Client Is Unique In His Or Her Weight management Problem. Therefore We Take A Scientific & Holistic Approach To Natural Weight Loss, Offering You Customized Solutions that Address Your Core Problem. Our Team of Medical Professional Nutritinist, Physiotherapist, Ayurvedacharya, Obesity Consultants, Naturopathist, Yoga therapist, Accaupressurist Study Your Diet History And Create Modified Diet To Suit Your Lifestyle. So You Don’t Have To Go On A Crash Diet Or Take Appetite Easy Suppressants; Instead You Can Do It  in an easy Way that suits You. Using The Latest International Technology, We Help In Increasing Blood Circulation And Better Muscular Movements, Which Are Normally Impaired As A Result To High Fat Mass. These Help In Utilizing The Local Fat Deposits And Get Rid Of Metabolic Wastes And Toxins. hence You Can Enjoy A Trimmer, More Youthful Appearance, Whatever be Your Age. A Complete  Transformation.
               First Time In India Atin’s Complete Slimming Solution Is PROVIDING You with International Services Like Home Slimming Treatment, Centre Base Slimming Treatment, Postal Slimming Treatment, E-Slimming Treatment, Tele-Sliming Treatment And An International Level All Slimming Training Like Weight Loss/GAIN, Ayurvedic Treatment, Nutritional Therapy, Anatomy And Physiology, Appliance Therapy, SPA Relaxation Therapy, Pain Relief Therapy, Aroma Therapy, Weight Loss Management And All Other Slimming Treatment And Therapy Regarding Obesity. ---- Just In A Word A Complete Slimming Solution And Training Institute.
               We Welcome You To The Beginning Of A Whole New Life.
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