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ATIN’S Care :  Obesity Care,    Diabetic Care,      Infertility Care,     Pre – Post Natal Care,      Physio – Care,      Preventive Health Care,       Child Care,      Old Age Care,      Individual Care
Wellness Service :  Weight Loss,    Weight Gain,      Weight Maintenance (Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly),     Spot Reduction,      Tightening Toning,      Firming & Trimming.      Home Service,      E-Slimming,       Tele Slimming,       Postal Slimming service.
  From the desk of founder :-
           Mission Obesity Diabetes Free India
First Time in India

Certificate of Registration of Societies West Bengal Govt. ACT XXXVI - 1961
Regd. No. : S/2L/26379
( Ways to Lead You to a Healthy Life )
Founder, Mentor & Principle

Mr. Atin Banerjee (PT)
B.P.T, D.S.M, N.M.D.M, PGCD, I.M.T., C.M.M.T, C.M.T, D.A.T.H.R.Y. ( Regd No.- 001179 )
Consultant Physiotherapist, Diabetic Educator, (Apollo) IDF
Spine & Knee Rehabilation Specialist, Certified Manual Therapist,
Certified Dry Needle Practitioner, Specialist in Pain Management and Chronic Disorder,
Specialist in OBESITY, Lifestyle Modification, Specialist in Vedic Treatment,
Specialist in Weight Loss with Critical Medical Condition & Stuck-up Casses,
Specialist in Post Bariatic Management,
Specialist in Complete Transformation for Severe Obesity.
20 yrs Experience in Obesity, Ex Sr. Physiotherapist in VLCC Health Care Ltd.
Professor of MARTIAL ARTS ( 4TH Dan Black Belt ), Reiky Specialist.
Mrs. Moumita Mukherjee
Bsc. Clinical Dietetics, Clinical Nutritinist, Certified Dry Needle Practitioner, Physiotrist, Diabetic Educator, Specialist in Obesity and Shaping Management.
Assistant Seceretary and Chief Instructor of ATIN'S

This type of centre and Training Institute is first of itís type in INDIA, and our aim is to be in touch with you at any time and anywhere. Ourís is a Scientific and Natural way to loose Weight and fight Obesity. We provide International services, Like Home Slimming Treatment, Center Base Slimming Treatment, Postal Slimming Treatment, E-Slimming Treatment, Tele-Slimming Treatment (World-Wide). In a word A Complete Slimming Solution for you and your family.
            It is also First Time in India where you can learn Complete Slimming Treatment under one roof and become A Complete Slimming Professional and Work as a Registered Slimming / Obesity Consultant, Health Consultant, Life Style Modifier, Physical / Personal Trainer, Slimming / SPA Therapist. In this Institution we are offering two types of Courses like Center based, Distance Based (Postal / Online). There are many different type of Courses regarding Preventive Health Management to make you a Professional Consultant. All course fees are Economical that suits your budget and helps you make a bright future through this profession.
  Atin's Mission :-
Service for Humanity, Moral & Physical Fitness, Employment Generation, Self Employment.
  Atin's Legality :-
First Time in India Atin's Initiative All Diploma or Certificate Courses Registration is Atin's individual.
These Courses are not recognised by any University or Council.
  Home / Institute Slimming Treatment : -
We are providing you an International slimming treatment like
weight  loss (t.c.a), specific inch lose, tightening toning, firming & trimming at your home or at our
centre, its result is granted and it is also very economical.
  Postal / Tele / E- Slimming Treatment : -
Through this treatment we provide :-
1. Scientific negative calorie balanced diet chart according to your daily habitual diet schedule.
2. According your medical condition exercise resume (weight loss, specific area toning tightening).
3. After that we monitor your diet & activity pattern over the e-mail or mobile (Incoming
   Counsultancy) to make sure you follow the scientific guidance. (Which we prescribed).
    After that you get excellent scientific weight loss.
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